Alterations in the nerve impulse

What medical conditions can affect the nerve impulse, and therefore the health of the various parts of the body?

One such condition is known as “vertebral subluxation”, whereby two adjacent vertebrae become misaligned. The resulting compression of nerves can cause problems to various parts of the body. Eventually, some muscles may contract and become painful.

Vascular Flow

Clearly, therefore, the health of our nerves and blood vessels is closely related to that of our spine, and both in turn can affect various parts of the body.

What are the main causes of Vertebral Subluxation?

  • Trauma (e.g. falls, slips, car accidents, neck torsion during childbirth, head and sports injuries, etc.)
  • Postural stress and repetitive micro traumas (e.g. shoulder bag always worn on the same side, sleeping stomach-down, incorrect lifting and carrying of heavy items, etc.)
  • Psychological stress

These are some of the possible causes of atlas misalignment, which in turn can cause nerve pressure and inflammation. This can lead to various pains and pathologies, often attributable to the subluxation of the atlas.

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