Back Pain and Sciatica

A non invasive and painless treatment for back pain and sciatica. Occasionally the results happen to be immediate and dramatic, without the use of surgery or medication. Even though relatively few doctors have detailed knowledge of the Atlas Orthogonal Chiropractic technique, its positive results confirm its validity and effectiveness.

Approximately 80 percent of people will suffer from back pain in the course of their lives.


Many cases of back pain or sciatica can benefit from this innovative therapy.

Dr. Saba-Sayah uses state-of-the-art technology and effective chiropractic techniques to treat patients from all over the world. She is one of the three specialists in Europe who practice this technique, called the AO technique.

For over half a century, this technique has been successfully used in North America for the treatment of back pain / sciatica.


Chiropractic is the third largest health-care profession in North America, after general medicine and dentistry. In Italy, it has been recognized by legislators as a primary health profession since 2008.

To prevent the abuse of the chiropractic profession by unqualified persons, chiropractic is licensed and regulated.

Chiropractic can only be practiced by doctors of chiropractic, after they have obtained a specific degree from accredited universities.

The education allows a doctor of chiropractic to diagnose disease and health conditions and treat patients.

Dr. Saba-Sayah graduated “cum laude” from Sherman  (U.S.A.). She has been licensed both in Canada and the United States and is a member of the Associazione Italiana Chiropratici and the World Chiropractic Alliance.


The first visit (€285) lasts for over an hour and includes, among other things, a thorough assessment of the patient’s condition, patient’s medical history and physical examination, including all available medical records, with the purpose of excluding any contraindications to chiropractic treatment.


The misalignment of the skull, top cervical vertebra and cervical segment of the spine is corrected during the first therapy session. However, the spinal column often returns to the misaligned position it has been in for a long time. For crooked teeth, resistance to correction can be overcome with the application of an orthodontic appliance. A cervical spine out of alignment can be corrected with a series of AO, or Atlas Orthogonal, treatments.

AO uses a sound wave instrument to reposition the atlas, the first bone at the top of the spine. The treatment is entirely painless.

The A.O. chiropractic specialist can also use other chiropractic techniques, when necessary, to assist the action of the atlas in the correction of the entire column.


After a thorough initial examination and analysis of the required diagnostic radiologic images specific for this technique, Dr. Saba-Sayah will determine with precision the angle of correction required.

Treatment for back pain /sciatica is tailored to meet each patient’s unique condition.

For patients travelling long distance, we recommend a stay of three days in Milan, to allow for the first visit, diagnostic imaging and treatment.

A treatment plan will be determined by the doctor at this point.


When the initial exam determines that the AO treatment is appropriate for the patient’s condition, the patient will undergo diagnostic imaging to show the exact degree of misalignment of the atlas vertebra, thus allowing Dr. Saba-Sayah to assess (by using specific mathematical calculations) the precise atlas position and the angle to apply the instrument for the correction.

Since every patient’s misalignment is different, treatment will be tailored to their unique condition.

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For patients travelling long distance, we recommend a stay of three days in Milan.

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