Chiropractic Alignment

Benefits of chiropractic alignment

Over the years, the chiropractic alignment of vertebral subluxations has achieved extremely positive and often decisive results, for example in the treatment of childhood problems, in improving the quality of life of people over 65 suffering from osteoarthritis, and in the treatment of a variety of pathologies not generally considered the domain of chiropractors.

Such results, therefore, range beyond the traditional treatment of neuromuscular and skeletal conditions (back pain, neck pain, etc.), vertigo and other forms of postural imbalance, temporomandibular joint dysfunction, and numerous cases of migraine and other types of headache.

The importance of the chiropractic alignment of the atlas in the treatment of hypertension has recently been advocated by the “Journal of Human Hypertension” (as reported in the Corriere della Sera, on 04/29/07).

This is an important recognition for chiropractic, attesting to its effectiveness beyond the simple treatment of back and neck pain.

Further proof of the validity of this technique may be found in the medical-scientific research published in the “Journal of Whiplash & related disorders”, Vol.5 (1) 2006 (Med-Index Journal), which reveals the beneficial results of the atlas chiropractic technique (A.O.) on cervical pain caused by road accidents.

In these, as in many other pathologies, the atlas chiropractic technique (A.O.) has proved extremely useful.

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