Chiropractic and Atlas Orthogonal Technique

First in Italy, the Saba – Sayah Dr. imported from the USA this innovative technique that uses a special tool to reposition the atlas so absolutely painless .

The important World Chiropractic Alliance ( ” World Chiropractic Alliance ” ), a Non Governmental Organisation dell’O.N.U . It defines the ” mission of Chiropractic ” : ” the detection and correction of subluxations to allow the restoration of the proper nerve flow”

The Doctor of Chiropractic Specialist in Atlas repositioning , intervenes on the upper end of the cervical spine , with particular reference to the Atlas vertebra ( first cervical vertebra C1 ) . It is in this area in fact, as we shall see , that there is the greatest number of problems, which are traced back to different disorders and in areas of the body too far from the misaligned vertebra.

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