Frequently Asked Questions
What is the atlas chiropractic technique (A.O.)?
It is a specialization within the broader field of chiropractic aimed at aligning the atlas (the top cervical vertebra, C1)
What qualification does an atlas chiropractor (A.O.) need?
A degree in chiropractic medicine, an average of 6 years of college education, and a specialty in the upper cervical technique. To this end, atlas chiropractors use a special instrument used on the basis of a series of very precise mathematical calculations.
What is the difference between this procedure and traditional chiropractic?
First of all, the total absence of manipulation, twisting or cracking. All the patient feels is the gentle “touch” of the precision instrument, which produces a beneficial “shock wave”.
Is it painful?
Absolutely not. As mentioned above, all the patient feels is the almost imperceptible “touch” of the precision instrument, rested delicately against the neck, level with the top cervical vertebra.
What should I expect after the first treatment?

Desirable reactions following the initial attempt to realign the spine, signaling the effectiveness of the treatment, are:
• improvement of symptoms
• drowsiness
• other
The type and intensity of the reactions depend on the pathology and the time of its onset.

How often will I require treatment?

Each patient reacts differently. Moreover, the speed and duration of the results will depend on the severity of the pathology and the time of its onset. This light and gentle procedure can be repeated several times. With time, the number of treatments required will reduce, until the patient is stable.

How is the need for treatment assessed?
After carefully analyzing the patient’s medical history and any clinical and diagnostic imaging, the chiropractor conducts a preliminary examination to identify the symptoms and decide whether the patient is a suitable candidate for this procedure.
Are X-rays necessary?
As these are the only imaging tests that allow the chiropractor to “see” the spine, and therefore make an accurate assessment, our motto is: “Seeing means knowing, not seeing means guessing!” And we, of course, have no intention of guessing when it comes to your health.
Should I bring my latest X-rays along?
Certainly, any form of diagnostic imaging can help. However, the procedure we adopt requires a special type of X-ray, performed using special media and in specific positions, in order to allow us to make the mathematical calculations required to use the atlas realignment precision instrument.

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