How the atlas chiropractic technique (A.O.) works

How does chiropractic correct vertebral subluxations?

As we have already mentioned, “vertebral subluxation” is a condition whereby two adjacent vertebrae become misaligned. The resulting compression of nerves can cause problems and pain in various parts of the body.

Chiropractic attempts to solve this misalignment without resorting to invasive surgical procedures or medications having sometimes serious side effects.

What is the atlas chiropractic technique (A.O.), officially known as the “Atlas Orthogonal procedure”?

As the name implies (the word Orthogonal comes from the Greek words Orthos, meaning “straight”, and Gonia, meaning “angle”), the technique sets out to realign the atlas so that it may regain its correct position, perpendicular (i.e. at a right angle) to the head and cervical spine.

Its main aim, therefore, is to regain good posture, restore the legs to equal lengths, and bring the head back into a vertical position.

How does the chiropractor proceed?

The patient is first asked to provide his or her medical history.

The chiropractor then conducts an initial exam to determine whether the patient symptoms are related to a misaligned atlas. Next, the patient undergoes a physical examination, to detect any misaligned vertebrae and painful nerve compressions.

These examinations help to identify possible causes of the pain. Subsequent imaging tests provide a precise diagnosis of the extent of the subluxation.

Finally, a sophisticated precision instrument is used, specifically calibrated to each patient. When rested delicately against the affected area of the neck, this instrument transmits a virtually imperceptible and completely pain-free shock wave that accurately realigns the atlas.

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