Teleconferencing for acute pain: relief within 1 to 3 consultations

This treatment was developed to overcome difficulties of getting around during the pandemic
It is addressed to patients with acute ​musculoskeletal pain in general and other episodic pain  (sudden in onset, and time limited up to 6 months) such as muscle strains, ankle sprain, etc., when severe underlying causes have been ruled out . 

Treatment of chronic pain ( that lasts longer than 6 months)  has a lower success rate with this remote ​procedure. 

dolori curabili dalla chiropratica

The result of the first clinical cases has been very encouraging, so we have decided to extend this trial to a broader number of patients.

Based on the cases treated so far, especially for those of you with recent onset of pain, symptoms should be relieved by this type of remote intervention within 1 to 3 sessions in videoconferencing. 

The more recent the onset of symptoms, the more effective this type of remote intervention.

Our approach uses the patient’s complex neural pathways from peripheral receptors all the way to the brain. Duration of the sessions and recovery time vary from patient to patient and are also determined by the mechanism and severity of the inciting event.

In these consultations we are not addressing atlas subluxation and we advise a preliminary visit to your family doctor to exclude the presence of more serious underlying causes.

These teleconference consultations for pain relief are not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment.
Always seek the advice your physician or other qualified health care provider to obtain a preliminary assessment on your health condition.
By agreeing to this procedure patients understand that this teleconsultation is not for diagnosis, that severe underlying cause or atlas subluxation are not addressed and these teleconsultations are only intended to reduce or eliminate pain.

By making the appointment, I understand and agree to the above.

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